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Prediction L.G. Owens


L.G. Owens

Published July 11th 2012
ISBN : 9781477227725
216 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Drs. Maier and Krause own their own OB/GYN clinic specializing in fertility issues. They are well known for their expertise in helping those conceive who were told by other experts that it would take a miracle for them to have a baby of their own and they would be better off adopting. The two immigrated from East Berlin after the Berlin Wall was dismantled beginning in 1989. Their grandfathers worked as research scientists for the Nazi party studying Jewish children who had any type of abnormality or anomaly. The use of genetics were their greatest interest and how they came in to play where disease, hair, eyes, and skin color were concerned. Their greatest hope was to find a way to create the ultimate Aryan, super baby. They were also extremely interested in genetics where identical twins were concerned. Dr. Oskar Krause followed his father and grandfathers research and often used hormone and gene therapy on human embryos during In vitro fertilization without the parents knowledge. Hanna and Marcus have been best friends for their entire lives. They are typical ten year old children to those who do not know them. Hanna has the ability to pick up on others thoughts and can predict when something bad is going to happen. Marcus can pick up on her feelings and some of her thoughts but her abilities are much stronger than his. The two children think they just happened to cross paths with a bad man they call The mad scientist not realizing they were a part of Krauses plans along. Together Hanna and Marcus work to save themselves as well as other children Krause has kidnapped.