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The Land of Fire Philip Matthews

The Land of Fire

Philip Matthews

Published January 15th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

As part of a global strategy to outflank its rival, the empire has established an outpost to the north its present border. A small expedition is mounted to investigate the coastline further up the coast and map the northern heavens to aid future navigation. It happens that the priest-astronomer charged with the latter task was also instrumental in releasing the prophesy of doom that the Brigan priest, Kandrigi, had tried to keep to himself. It also happens that the Brigan captive who would serve as a guide to the northern lands is the one rumours say was succoured and entertained by the virgin goddess, Agnanna, and who would serve some divine purpose during the coming last days.What should be a routine patrol becomes a world in microcosm suffering extreme stress as all the traditional values and beliefs are undermined by mounting panic and replaced by drastic reactions that threaten to destroy the two ships and their crews.