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Revolutionary Positive Thinking Franklin Russell

Revolutionary Positive Thinking

Franklin Russell

Published March 16th 2013
ISBN : 9781482789799
44 pages
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 About the Book 

Revolutionary Positive Thinking actually delves into your subconscious to show you why youre not living the positive, abundant, and joyful life you deserve. Most self-help books only tell you to stop stressing out, relax, or try deep breathing. They dont tell you the real secret of finding happiness, good health, satisfying relationships, peace of mind, and even wealth. When you learn these secrets, youll be able to improve your overall health, get rid of your fears and that infamous defeatist attitude, and bounce back faster after a loss or a traumatic event. Youll learn how to trust in yourself and in your decisions, and free yourself from frustration, depression, stress, and anxiety.