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Capture the Flag Rebecca Chace

Capture the Flag

Rebecca Chace

Published August 11th 1999
ISBN : 9780684857589
288 pages
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 About the Book 

I picked this up from a library sale and ended up being pleasantly surprised. Capture the Flag reminded me that a book does not have to involve mad drama and vampires to be enjoyable -) Written as a memoir, this coming of age novel takes place in NYC of the mid seventies ~ so there is lots of divorce, casual sex, pot and abused prescription medications. We meet the protagonist, Annie when she is either 11 or 12 and follow her and her extended family through her freshman year of high school. I was surprised by the amount of casual sex and drug use at such an early age ~ but I grew up with very strict parents in the Midwest -) Regardless, even though Annie and her friends lived in the big city with ridiculously absent parents, I found the amount of freedom they experienced to be somewhat unbelievable. Even so, Capture the Flag was definitely worth the dollar I spent on it.