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Linking: The Art Of Negotiating Successful Joint Ventures Michael Senoff

Linking: The Art Of Negotiating Successful Joint Ventures

Michael Senoff

Published June 16th 2011
Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

With 17 clients and a long waiting list, Dave Flannery is one of the busiest consultants around -- and he didn’t get that way by making cold calls. Let’s face it, hardly anyone likes cold calling. It’s a slow, tedious and ineffective way to generate leads. Fortunately, it’s not the only way. And in this interview, you’ll hear all about joint ventures, how they’ll make your life infinitely easier than cold calling and exactly how Dave uses them to generate more leads than he can handle.What is a joint venture? A joint venture is a strategic alliance that businesses form with one another. As an HMA consultant, you may want to team up with other businesses that have clients who might need your services. For a small cut of the deal, these businesses will likely give you access to their client lists.And in this interview, you’ll hear how Dave makes the most of his joint venture deals including…What kinds of businesses have clients who need HMA consulting services and how to find themWhat he says to a business that practically guarantees they’ll make a joint venture with himWho pays for what in the deal, how the profits are split and how to maintain trust so that everybody’s happyAdvice on how to build credibility so you look like a sound investmentDave says that because most people have never heard of joint ventures before, the first step should always be educating them on it. And, he gives some helpful tips on how to do that. Even though this interview’s short, it’s full of ideas that will really get your wheels turning. And if you’d like to learn more about joint ventures, go to the products section of the website. Enjoy.