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The Halloween host S. M. Barrett

The Halloween host

S. M. Barrett

Kindle Edition
210 pages
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 About the Book 

Arthur Brim owes a debt, and Halloween itself has come to collect.If he fails to pay, every Halloween will become a bitter reminder of a broken promise to his son. To satisfy his debt, he must open his home to the spirits of the holiday.Reluctantly, Arthur agrees, and soon meets the otherworldly members of the October Senate.His guests, both frightful and fantastic, test his willpower and rattle his resolve.They alter his house.They shake his senses.Soon, Arthur begins to doubt that he will be able to pay his debt as the Halloween Host.Theres a knock at the door.Another visitor has arrived, and Arthur has no idea who, or what, is waiting on the other side.The Halloween Host is a modern holiday fantasy for all ages that love the spookiest and most magical night of the year.