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Painting Animals Christophe Drochon

Painting Animals

Christophe Drochon

Published October 1st 2006
ISBN : 9781845375454
127 pages
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 About the Book 

Open this book and enter the extraordinary world of Christophe Drochon, an exceptional painter who, for the first time lets us into his studio. The artist takes us into the animal world that is the source of inspiration for his paintings but also into the beauty and fragility of our environment, which is a matter of deep concern to him. From initial sketches from life to painstaking studio work, he reveals every stage in the process of producing strikingly realistic paintings. Whether working in pierre noire, pastels, acrylic or oils, he shows unique technical skill in capturing the magic of the flight of a bird or the intensity of the gaze of a big cat. The authoritative text by Francoise Coffrant helps us understand the scope of the artists work and gives us an insight into his methods. Richly illustrated, every page of this book is an invitation to a world of dreams, discoveries and reflection