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Eclipse 2 for Java Developers Berthold Daum

Eclipse 2 for Java Developers

Berthold Daum

Published December 8th 2003
Kindle Edition
478 pages
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 About the Book 

* Eclipse is an open source extensible IDE which enables a wide range of tool builders to build best of breed integrated tools covering the whole software lifecycle-from conceptual modeling to deployment* Eclipse is expected to be the development platform of choice for the Java community within the next few years* This book provides an introduction to the Eclipse Java IDE, showing how projects are laid out and the various facilities available to help write Java code* Describes SWT and JFace (Eclipses alternative to the Java AWT and Swing) and then demonstrates in practice in a JavaLayer based MP3 player* Shows how Eclipse can be used as a tool platform and an application framework* Demonstrates how to speed up development of applications by reusing and extending existing Eclipse components