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Preacher Bob A. Hood Roberts

Preacher Bob

A. Hood Roberts

ISBN : 9781933037127
288 pages
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 About the Book 

Preacher Bob is the humorous fictional autobiography of a kindly, highly moral, and not overly bright dyslexic man whose word mangling is offset by his nearly complete recall of the Bible and by his oratorical gifts. Assisted by his intellectually superior wife, Darlene, he opens a storefront church in Hicksville, Arkansas, unwittingly incurring powerful opposition. He blunders on, achieving success despite the intellectual limitations of his Board of Elders.He becomes a radio and TV celebrity despite his malapropisms, and his fame increases after he hires a wily spin doctor, Vanderbilt Dildo.But at home his daughter, Velma, (The Girl with Americas Highest Center of Gravity) has become extremely attractive to males. It is a struggle to preserve her innocence.His fight to improve Hicksville causes liquor/drug dealers to make attempts on his life. His politically incorrect views provoke a raging feminist protest but it boomerangs and redounds to his favor.Inadvertently violating USDA peanut allocation rules, he serves five years in prison. During incarceration he writes his autobiography. Upon release he finds that fate has been extremely kind to him.